Saturday, April 30, 2011

Snyder Recall Clearly Expressed?

This is the language that the Washtenaw County Elections Commission approved.

"Richard D. Snyder has requested from the legislature, approved and signed various laws that take authority and funds from local governments and school districts and vest them with the state. He has obtained for himself, through his appointed Emergency Financial Managers, the power to invalidate legal and binding contracts entered into by properly elected local authorities. He has sought tax increases upon retirees and lower income families, but instead of addressing the deficit, he has sought large new tax cuts for corporations and businesses."

Can you understand that statement?

One of the elections commissioners, Washtenaw Treasurer Catherine McClary, said some commas were placed wrong. She also based her no vote on the basis of the structure of some of the sentences.

The real issue was whether the recall language was clear, and by a 2-1 vote, the Washtenaw County Elections Committee said it was.

The recall group, Michigan Citizens United, has to get about 800,000 or so signatures (they are aiming for 1.1 million).

Good luck with that....low turnout will probably kill this effort, and I'm not talking about on election day.

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