Sunday, April 24, 2011

Has Easter Been Hijacked, Too?

Whose Easter is it, Anyway?

Life of Jesus an inspiration that merits celebration -

Corporate America has a good run up to and on the day we celebrate Easter...the malls have made a killing with Easter bunny photos, the dollars stores have sold enough grass to make the Oakland County marijuana raids look like law enforcement field trips, and this is the only holiday that the clothing industry finds worthy of selling children clothes that don't make our kids look like sluts and pimps...

To use an old metaphor, Jesus is the reason for the season...and like the editorial implies, we could all do with a little old time religion today!

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  1. Easter is the biggest rip off since Santa Clause. I saw parents taking their children to the mall standing in long lines and paid close to $20.00 for their children to have their picture taken with the Easter bunny in their sunday best. Folks come on!!!!