Monday, November 28, 2011

Citigroup's SEC settlement rejected



A judge stops the Securities and Exchange Commission from accepting a settlement regarding CITIGROUP's alleged manipulation of mortgage-related collatarized debt obligation.

The judge has been raising hell for years about what has been termed as "toothless, face saving settlements" reportedly meted out to the big financial institutions.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Veteran Tax Break A Boon for Corporate America or Political Pandering To A Deserving Special Interest Group? ?

President Obama has gone after the nation's corporations for having way too many tax breaks....then he turns around and gives them another tax hire veterans....a deserving group if there ever was one!

Although his heart (and politics) is well intentioned, which message is being heard by the American public?

Veterans are a very well deserved special interest group, and I support any effort to afford them the recognition they deserve for being willing to serve their country (please see Mitt Romney's five sons....not!).

My son is our family's fifth generation soldier (20 years Air Force) ...and I am unashamedly a gung ho supporter of acknowledging veterans' contributions to this nation's efforts to sustain the liberty we enjoy.

President Obama has been accused of pandering to being responsive to those who were  drafted or voluntarily enlisted to do what millions would that pandering...why is paying the debt to those Americans such a bad thing?  Is there ever a good time or bad time to do that?

And speaking of what Romney did in New Hampshire (calling out New Hampshire's Ayotte as a potential Republican VP) anything short of targeted, short-term political pandering?


Saturday, November 12, 2011



In a truly bizarre twist of fate, the United Auto Workers is scrambling to not do what it demands the Big Three not do...lay off workers.

The Office Professional Employees International Union, which represents UAW clerical and janitorial staff, after taking major concessions over the last couple of years, is now facing layoffs due to what the UAW claims is rising administrative costs.

What this does clearly illuminate is that organizing and representing labor is a business, and like all businesses, the bottom line is still the bottom line.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran Affirmative Action?

As a veteran, I see no problem with the new Veterans bill, but I have heard a mouthful from people comparing it to affirmative action for veterans.  Some have said that vets don't want to be taken advantage of for a tax  credit.
Others have said that the quality of worker will drop because all employers will look at is if the new employee is eligible for the credit.  And, some question whether employers will hire someone for only long enough to get a credit and then the employer will give the vet the boot right after the vet qualifies for the credit.

Nonsense, you say?  All those scenarios may exist, but the positive outcomes of the Vets job bill far outweigh the few instances where the program could be abused, don't you think?

If not, why not?