Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heroin use in suburbs on the rise; Drug Dealer Registry Proposed


The Genesee County Community Health agency reports that heroin use is on the rise in Michigan's outer suburbs.

Surprisingly, according to the Wayne County Medical Examiner's office, Wayne County, including Detroit, has not experienced a similar increase in death caused by heroin overdose.

Figures were not immediately available for Oakland or Macomb County, but their proximity to Detroit may put  them at further risk.

Community Parent, a group trying to increase public awareness, is advocating for the creation of a drug dealers registry, similar to that used for sex offenders. They want to force the publishing of the address of a person conflicted of dealing drugs

The same type of bill was approved by the New York Senate in 2007. It died in the legislature there but is being revived.

Maybe Michigan will lead the rest of the county. Give State Democratic Sen. John Gleason, the bill's sponsor, a call to support his efforts.

Better yet, give your local state representative and state senator a call to see where they stand on this issue.

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