Sunday, April 24, 2011

In Hawaii, accessing Obama birth info is easy, but few seem to be looking for it -

In Hawaii, accessing Obama birth info is easy, but few seem to be looking for it -

What does it take for people to understand that Hawaii, as a state, has its own rules for the release of personal information.

Was Obama's mother an American citizen? What is the status of a child whose mother is an American citizen? Taken to its extreme, can a person who has dual citizenship legally become president of the United States of America? Does John McCain's birth in Panama have any relevance?

Kenya? A lie can take on a life of its own if repeated enough.

Locally, in Macomb County, lies are told all the time and laziness allows for the lie to take root. A political party chairman can try to hijack organizations that he cannot control by ignoring simple documented truths and shelf slaves blindly regurgitate the lie....more about that later...

Even Jan Brewer, Arizona's governor, has had her fill of the "birther" bs, so what say you all?

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  1. Why are obvious Democrats so dug in that when it comes to President Obama, common senses goes out of the window? Were it a common everyday citizen, a request to produce one's birth certificate would be met with non-questionable compliance (at lease for the average Joe). I keep my original in my deck drawer and a copy in my car just in case I need it to enter Canada, or to prove my identity.
    To whom much is politically given, much is politically required. Were it a Republican President, the media, and even this Blogger would be crying for that Republican President to bare his soul. That fact is proven by this Blogger's questioning of Trump on his voting record in "primaries" but becoming an apologist for President Obama's questional resistance to putting to rest a simplistic request for a birth certificate to settle a constitutional concern.
    As an aside, what is President Obama spending millions of dollars in legal fees to hide? Such an outlandish expenditure to stop a request so easy to dispel begs for some concern if not the one of national origen . . . WatchMan1