Sunday, April 24, 2011

Macomb County Vodoo Economics versus New Age Math

Do numbers lie or is someone lying about the numbers?

Is this a question of whose koolaid tastes best?

Someone (Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel and County Commission Chairperson Kathy Vosburg) has done the math, and literally, the question is.... does it add up to either a balanced budget or a $13.5 million end-of-the year budget slight-of hand?

Exaggerated claims of "luxury suites" aside, should not this issue have been foreseen, or is the wrong guy sitting in the captain's chair.

Most will admit that the backers of the charter and county executive form of government never expected in their wildest dreams that one of their own would not be at the helm...and so, maybe these things would have been worked out in someone else's back room besides Hackel's.

Squaring off against each other will not get the work done...and the can can not kicked further down the road. We have run out of runway, and the vapors seem to intoxicate both groups as they struggle to stake out governance territory for themselves.

A court battle seems imminent, which would waste precious resources; however, what does seem certain is that we should batten down the hatches until this storm subsides.
See you at the commission meeting!

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