Sunday, April 24, 2011

Slutty Non-Profit Screams For Scrutiny

Where is the Republican Party's voice and Congressional scrutiny when you need them?!?!?!?!?

An excerpt from Froma Harrop's Editorial published today:

"It's pretty twisted: A company that merchandises platform boots with 5-inch heels to young teens now urges them to avoid unwise sexual activities. (Older girls get 7-inch heels. They call them "hooker boots.") And its charity's celebrity spokeswoman is one who achieved stardom by virtue of becoming pregnant at 17 and being the daughter of the moralistic Sarah Palin."


"Bloggers unfriendly to her mother, Sarah Palin, have bashed a charity for paying Bristol $262,500 to warn against teen pregnancy while doling a pitiful $35,000 to social organizations that actually deal with its problems".

Please clink on this link..

Foundation falters with degrading ad campaign | | The Detroit News

.If ever an organization screamed for more scrutiny, the Candie's Foundation would be the poster child for charitable status run amok...

Is Harrop right to diss Bristol Palin or should the spotlight be shined on the Candie Foundation?

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