Monday, October 17, 2011

McDonald's Beating A Case of Self-Defence Gone Wild?

Two Women Get A Beat Down at McDonalds

Two women, allegedly drunk and disorderly, were beat with a metal rod by a cashier at a McDonalds in New York.

The women argued with a cashier when he checked a $50 bill given to him by one of the women. It seems reasonable that a cashier would check a $50 bill.

Then one of the women assaulted the cashier by sucker punching him by slapping him.

That wasn't enough for the two women. One jumped the counter!

She proceeded to move down the counter line, while her partner went to the same end of the counter and actually crawled under the counter. Both ended up at a point behind the counter, but near where the cashier who had been assaulted earlier had fled.

He saw the women, grabbed a metal rod, and then struck both women repeatedly with the metal rod, even after they seemed no longer a physical threat to him.

He has been charged with felonious assault. The women have been charged with criminal mischief.

Are the scales of justice balanced?  Was this a case of over-zealous self-defence?

Check out this video and then let us know what you think!