Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Detroit council members oppose giving Bing more power...for now


There are a host of issues, some of them constitutional in nature, yet to be determined before the emergency financial manager law is rolled out in Detroit.
First, the city, the council and the unions have to sit down together, something that has not happened. A working group should be formed amongst them to hammer out cost efficiencies in all city departments. Everything should be on the table---consolidation of departments, reducing bloated management, decreasing independent contractors that don't save the city money, a Belle Isle fee, working with the Detroit Medical Center to develop a consolidated health care plan for all city, county, and regional government employees, etc.

The hard work is just beginning, but decisions cannot be made without all players being at the table. That includes including the unions in the work-up to the proposed concessions, not just shoving them down their throats.

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