Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Education Worth Stealing?


This is a sad story.

A homeless woman who stayed at a good Samaritan's home at night registered her 6 year-old child in kindergarten in the Norwalk school district she slept in.

That apparently was enough to be charged with first degree larceny and conspiracy to commit first degree larceny. The value of the "stolen" education was about 16 grand. She was arrested and had to post bond. The good Samaritan was kicked out of her public housing unit.

Apparently, they have never heard of "schools of choice."  Somebody ought to talk to Eastpointe school officials.  At any rate,  Norfolk Mayor Richard Moccia believes that a message has been sent to parents about registering their kids in other school districts:

Read more here:

Bridgeport woman arrested for registering son in Norwalk school - StamfordAdvocate

A legal defense found has been established by nationally-syndicated radio host Tom Joyner.  The likelihood of repayment to the school district is nill---remember, the parent is homeless, looking for a job, and on the street staying at a shelter when space is available.

Is she a good parent or a leeching scalywag?


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  1. As long as she is staying or sleeping in the district her child can go to school. This parent put her childs needs first. Too bad no one else will help. If the child is put into the system the child can go to school then. You think?