Sunday, March 4, 2012

Older Vets to Get GI Bill Benefits

Montgomery Bill Gets A "Do-Over"!

Veterans who are under 60 years of age whose 10 year educational benefit statue of limitation has expired under the Montgomery GI Bill but who are are unemployed will now be able to go back to school thanks to VOW To Hire Veterans legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama.

This lifeline for unemployed veterans is part of President Obama's effort to increase employment opportunities for those who served our county but who are having a hard time finding work.

The president's initiative hopes to eventually result in the hiring of nearly 850,000 veterans based on their completing their degrees or successfully completing vocational or certification programs matched to the needs of local communities.

GE has announced plans to hire nearly 5,000 veterans through its "Hiring Our Heroes" initiative.  Tyson Foods and ConAgra Foods have committed to step up its hiring of veterans as well.  Check out a separate effort to promote hiring vets at at

When it is all said and done, the sacrifices men and women and their families make to keep this country safe should be reciprocated in ways that confirm our appreciation for their service to America.

Well...what do you this political theater or a patriotic plan to help those who have helped us remain the most powerful and free county in the world?

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