Monday, March 12, 2012

'Condom Killer" May Lead To Different Kind of Local Arab Spring in Detroit This Summer

Gas Station Shooting May Escalate Tension in Local Community; Radio Show Hosts Urges Community to Shut Down Station

The Detroit Police has arrested a gas station attendant who shot and killed a young man for pushing "Little Debbie" cakes off a rack at a BP station on Fenkell and Myers in north-west Detroit.

Details are still coming in, but what is known at this time is that the attendant went into an office behind the bullet-proof glass, got a gun, came from behind the bullet-proof enclosure, and shot the young man in the shoulder as the man attempted to leave the station.  Accompanied by another person into the store, his friend and one other person drove the injured man to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The incident began when 24 year-old Michael Haynes II attempted to return condoms he purchased but which he thought were over-priced.  His attempt to get his money back was rebuffed by the attendant. That lead to the Haynes knocking over a rack of "Little Debbie" cakes, which then prompted the attendant to go get a gun.

The account of the events were relayed by the owner of the station and another employee of the gas station, in addition to the dead man's friend. Reportedly, there may be video-tape of the incident well.  The stories told by each of the three are practically identical but the investigation continues.

Popular local radio talk show host Mildred Gaddis today asked the community  to shut down the  gas station.  Gaddis pointed to a pattern of disrespectful behavior on the part of BP gas station attendants throughout Detroit as a reason for her call for community action.

Was the attendant right in coming from behind the bullet-proof enclosure?  Did Haynes' action rise to the level of warranting the use of a weapon when the attendant was not placed in any danger of physical harm?  What do you think?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I appreciate feed back from readers of this blog.  Thanks go out to one anonymous reader who did not reflect on the content of the blog but who found four errors in my blog and posted them to this blog.  Below, you can read my reply to him.  Please continue to do so as I want my blog to be as tight as possible.


  1. The attendants actions were not warrented. The attendant was not in danger of his life and should have given the young man a refund.

  2. I see a pattern of arrogant indifference from the gas station owner and employees. This employee may have never shot him if he did not acquire that type of attitude from his employer. They allowed the few bad apples to dictate their bias and how they view all the people in that neighborhood. Thus through disgust they feel self justified in shooting someone over a such a minor incident.

  3. The gas station attendant committed a CRIME. He's been arrested, he'll be charged and justice will be served. It's possible some won't agree with just how...but the point is he won't get away scott free for this crime. My problem here is that Gaddis is supposed to be a "community voice" and a leader of sorts. I respectfully submit that there are BIGGER fish to fry in the Meyers/Fenkell area, that I've been in a hundred BP stations in the city and trust me this "disrespect" goes BOTH ways. I've seen many of these attendants cursed, yelled at and threatened by customers. Closing this station will accomplish WHAT exactly? We need to focus our energies were we can make important diffferences, and let the law do IT'S job in areas like this...

  4. "The Detroit Police has arrested a gas station"

    "but what is know at this time"

    "The incident began when 24 year-old Michael Haynes, II attempted"

    "Reportedly, there may be video-tape of the incident well."

    Popular local radio talk show host Mildred Gaddis today asked the community has called for the community to shut down the gas station.

    Each of the above are direct from the article. Where did this guy get his journalism degree, in a Cracker Jack box?

    1. This is sad How black people disrespect everyone they have nothing to live for why couldn't he just pay the amount and leave he fucking had to throw merchandise no need for that

  5. Thanks for the is good to this kind of feed back...every journalist makes these kinds of mistakes, especially when he/she is his/her own editor. The corrections will be posted with a kudos to an unknown editor.

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  7. This is a shameful story of rage. The purpose of bulletproof glass is for protection! Hello!!!
    I love reading your articles Cracker Jack Box or not!