Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meet Amanda Clayton, Michigan Welfare Queen


Lottery Winner

Meet Amanda Clayton.  She is a million dollar lottery winner.  She also has the distinction of being the new face of welfare abuse in America.

Despite getting a $700,000 lump sum payout after winning a $1 million lottery game, she felt she was still entitled to receive food stamps.  No, she is not from Detroit (she is from Lincoln Park), and by the looks of her, she is not a minority.  But she is a new homeowner (she bought another house, so she now has two), and she bought a new car with the loot she won in September 2011.

Ms. Clayton has managed to shatter the stereotype and has set a new bar for those who try to game the system.  This story went viral in no time flat, much like that of the one man union in Detroit (more about that later).

The state just cut her food stamp benefits this week. No word on whether she will have to pay back the food stamps she received since September, so that will require a follow-up.

Well, what do you think about this? Did she personally eventually tell her worker about her good fortune or was she stone cold busted by a family member who did not share in her sudden blessing?  Should she have done the right thing, right away (of course, but we want to know what you think!)? 


  1. I don't know that she personally told her case worker. I believe DHS discovered the abuse from seeing it all over the paper and news. Maybe she was waiting until it was time for her review, however I believe she should have reported it immediately. If she isn't working and she bought two houses and a car, hopefully she still has some of the remaining monies left.

  2. She is definitely the welfare queen. She behaves like it and her mother is completely wrong by saying that she hasn't done anything illegal. It is in fact illegal.

  3. this is an odd one." it looks like excessive greed....maybe not???? i cannot stand her now! the way she looks! the way she acts! the way she drives! the way she shops! the way she talks! the way she smiles! the way shes in the news & not me! the way she eats at a restaurant! the restaurants she goes to! the car she drives or who shes a passenger with! the way her window is up or down! the hats she wears! the clothes she wears......! how can she do all this and still win a million dollars! how dare her!!!!!

  4. please continue with your knowledge of personal behavior."

  5. This bitch died from drug over dose. No loss.