Thursday, February 16, 2012

Internet Game-Playing Curfew To Set New Restrictions On 21st Century Child Play?


The South Korean government has proposed a law that will limit Internet-based game playing to two sessions of two hours a day for children 16 and under.

An excerpt from the MSNBC site story:

"... the Cooling Off system will cause a game to be shut down automatically after two hours of being played.  Gamers can log back in, but only after 10 minutes to "rest," and only once per 24 hours. It was not specified how long the second session will last, but it is presumed to be no longer than the initial time allotted."

Last year, a guy in Tennessee killed his infant son because the child interrupted him during his video game...check it out ...

While that is an extreme case, there have been studies released that reflect that extended video game playing can have negative consequences on children 16 years old and younger.

Here's the link:

In-Game - South Korea introduces yet another law to curb gaming's ills:

Would you support this kind of curfew and restriction for your children? 

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  1. It's sad to have a curfew on something parents should do anyway! This is going to be hard because these new age parents use games so they don't have to deal with their children. This is why kids are not good in book sense but smart in the tech world. I am not against games but don't let that be an easy way out from parenting.