Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GOP Gets Boxed In on Payroll Tax Cut, Unemployment Extensions and Medicare Payment to Physicians


CNN is reporting that a deal has been struck that will extend the payroll tax cut for millions of Americans.

Set to expire at the end of this month, it is now likely that the Republican Party will surrender to the Democrats on this issue and not require a "pay as you go" condition tied to paying up front for the extension of the tax cut, which was approved in December 2011 and which apparently now will be extended to the end of 2012.

Think about it: How could the Republican Party sell a tax increase?!?!?!?!?

Despite the efforts to separate the payroll tax cut from the other two hot-button  issues (unemployment benefit extensions and fixing the hole in Medicare physician compensation), look for the same Democratic Party strategy when it comes to extending unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.

President Obama and the Democratic Party machine are hard at work painting the Republicans as out of touch with the suffering of average voting Americans, and this "compromise" on the part of House Republicans marks the first of many crow-eating concessions likely to occur during this political season.

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Tentative payroll tax cut deal reached, GOP legislators say -

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