Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nolan Finley to Detroit's rescue...NOT!

Detroit News editorial director Nolan Finley has Detroit's problems all figured out.....NOT!

In an editorial published on May 26,2011 in the Detroit News, Finley suggests that Bing should have five Detroit City Council members in Bing's back pocket. What a reveal!

He even goes as far to suggest that the protections against back room deals...through his call for a so-called "waiver" of the Open Meetings Act forfeited for Bing and what has been called Council's "fickle five", so that Detroit's future can be ordained by surreptitious imperial fiat.  What desperation!

Say what you want about Gary Brown, and at times I have been part of the chorus questioning his motives, Councilman Gary Brown has stepped up to the plate by his published statement that the votes are there to override Bing's expected veto of the city council's budget cuts.

Despite her constant voting for contracts which violate Detroit's Privitization Ordinance, Maryann Mahhafery would have a reason now to be proud of Suanteel Jenkins....Councilman Tate is the weakest link, but Council President Pugh has found his "sea legs" and appears to be settling in regarding his role of protecting Detroit's residents from Mayor Bing's version of voodoo economics...Councilman Spivey's insightful probing has illustrated that he is not a "go along to get along" seat on the council....Councilman Kenneth Cockrel is always hard to gauge, but Councilpersons JoAnne Watson, Brenda Jones, and Kwame Kenyatta are firmly grounded when it comes to advocating for the most vulnerable of Detroit's residents.

On June 6, 2011, Detroit City Council will vote on whether to override Mayor Bing's anticipated veto of council's budget.  More than anything else, it will actually be a referendum on Bing's insistence on "blended governance", which some believe to based on his past personal failure as a "businessman" and his willingness to advance the interest of ghost masters from other parts of the state.

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  1. Nolan Finley thinks mighty highly of himself. That is for sure. He is nothing more than a greedy, self-centered conservative, that sneers down his nose at those he "classifies" as less than white."

    Ever notice how Finley rants about Kwame Kilpatrick? He sure goes after those bad black people.

    However, Finley never reports the massive public corruption in Oakland County. That is because it is commmited by his Aryan white and Jewish cronies.

    Finley like all righties has only one solution. Tax breaks for the rich. Money is all they thirst for.