Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bing Needs a New Bogeyman


Detroit's Mayor Bing is at it again...scaring people and demonizing others.

Mayor Bing is counting on the public to not check his  submitted budget.  He has so many vacant positions in his budget that millions of dollars can be "reprogrammed" as he, or the departments, sees fit. 

His negotiating style is "my way or the highway!"  He is actually upset that Council out-cut him!

Mayor Bing knows very well that Council cut millions of dollars in vacant positions in both the police and fire departments.

First it was city workers, then their unions, then the pension board...and now it is City Council. Mayor Bing is upset that City Council cut even deeper then he did....stole his thunder, like when City Council negotiated the pension boards giving up the $60 million....with Council's $50 million in additional cuts, Mayor Bing  seems to always need to find a bogeyman, and that bogeyman is now the Detroit City Council

The unions have been asking for years that the city bid out the health care package, but Bing is wedded to Blue Cross Blue Shield due to their moving thousands of employees to Detroit...he does not want to upset BCBS by bidding out the health care because BCBS may move their operation out of Detroit.

It is important to remember that the majority of the cuts City Council made for police and fire are for vacant positions.

There are more than 500 Detroit police officers riding a desk instead of a squad car.  If the city hired clerks to do those jobs, think of how safer Detroit would be with an extra 500 officers on the streets every single day!

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