Friday, November 30, 2012

Once Again, Detroit's Mayor Unfairly Disses Detroit's Workforce On National Television

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing took another shot at Detroit municipal workers, this time on national television, stating city workers have a sense of "entitlement" regarding their jobs and benefits.

This from a guy who live in a house free from any mortgage obligation, who has a Cadillac benefit plan, who uses a car he neither pays gas or insurance for, and who has been caught lying to the same workers he condemns.

I was in the room when Dave Bing thanked city unions for working with the administration on coming up with more than $100 million in concessions.  He said he would present those concessions to City Council for approval.

One month later, Bing turned his back on those same unions by refusing to bring the contracts before City Council.  To this day, Bing has not instituted or initiated the revenue producing suggestions the city unions brought forward.

To make matters worse, he has laid off accountants who handle the city's money while at the same time fighting for contracts for the firm who used Bing's info to assert the city was broke.  No independent audit was done of the city's finances; Bing gave Ernst&Young what Bing wanted them to work with.

Bing knows he only has a year to do his handlers' bidding, and that he can't get re-elected.  Voter turnout will be different next year, and his legacy will be that he left the city in worse shape.

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