Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is Delmon Young The "Other" Miguel Cabrera?


Some Say Domestic Violence Against Women Equally Offensive

Delman Young is the latest example of athletic "assininity".

That is my word for behavior that defies any semblance of respecting the blessings bestowed on the few people who have out-size opportunities the rest of us mere mortals only see on tv, read about in the tabloids, or fantasize about during our work-place day-dream sessions.

Was Detroit Tiger slugger Miguel Carbrera treated differently when accused of the crime of domestic violence?  He actually apologized to his teammates for his indiscretions, but was allowed to continue playing, despite the fact that he beat his wife while drunk ( he had a blood alcohol level of .26, more than three times the legal limit).

Delman Young will not be so lucky.  He has been suspended for his violent New York indiscretion against a street pan-handler.   Here is an excerpt from a recent article written by Tom Gage :

"He is facing a misdemeanor aggravated harassment charge for the incident in which he allegedly made anti-Semitic comments to a panhandler. The incident is being investigated by the New York Police Department's hate-crime task force.

"I do not know what happened there," Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski said on Saturday, while the Tigers were still in New York. "If the allegations are true, that is concerning and not something you'd like to see happen.

"I do know he was in a skirmish. I do know that. Beyond that, I don't know anything else."

When Dombrowski got to Young's hotel room after being notified via a phone call between 3:30 and 4 a.m., police were there.

As for Young's condition at the time, Dombrowski said he was a person "that was not in a very good state as far as his sobriety."

Language is important. Re-read that, please.  Is Young getting dogged where Cabrera was treated gingerly?

More to come....

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