Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Snyder, GOP Send Message To Brewer and Bruley: Back Atcha!

Governor Snyder signed redistricting legislation on August 8, 2011.

Snyder is accused of doing what Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer allowed Macomb County Democratic Chairman Ed Bruley to do here in Macomb County.

Amongst other complaints, state and local Democratic Party officials maintain that the GOP-designed redistricting plan dis-enfranchises minorities and is oddly configured.

Seems like the Republicans (and Michigan Republican Party Majority Whip Pete Lund) borrowed heavily from Bruley's local playbook.   The shoe is on the other foot and Democrats are crying foul.

Bruley split Eastpointe, Centerline, Roseville, and Warren in such a way to deny minorities a strongly emerging political footprint in the districts affecting those cities, much as he did with the district covering Clinton Township and Mount Clemens since 2001.

It is ludicrous for Brewer and Bruley to whine about what they allow in their own backyard.


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