Sunday, June 19, 2011

Referendum To Stop Public Act 4 Debated


The Constitution of the United States of America speaks to the right to one man one vote and taxation with representation.

Public Act 4 strips the people of a right to elect their leaders. Nowhere in the constitution does it reference that the state can strip elected officials of their office for making dumb decisions. That's what elections are throw the bums out if they mismanage the public's assets or abuse the public's trust.

The state has a great many resources at its disposal. It can manipulate fiscal policy through its manipulation of tools such as revenue sharing, educational funding, etc.

Those are acceptable mechanisms for prodding local municipalities to adopt more efficient policies for the good and welfare of the genera public.

But negating the outcome of elections reminds us of old-school Russian tactics. America is better than that.

There is a good reason why referendums exist. Some say the existence of the middle class is under attack.

Whether you agree that unions are the bane of our existence or not, what is indisputable is that the middle class arose from the ministry of the union effort to establish humane working conditions for workers.

Is there a way to separate unions from the discussion regarding America's malaise? Probably not. But to blame unions for the entirety of America's financial morass is akin to saying that what is going on in Detroit Mayor Dave Bing's office is attributable to the union workers' control of the the executive branch of government.


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